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Pool Opening/Closing Request Form

Pool openings include removing the pool cover (full openings only, subject to additional charges if cover is not cleared of water and debris), installing accessories, testing water chemistry, adding initial opening chemicals, starting and testing filtration system. Additional balancing chemicals will be charged as used. Travel fees where applicable.


Partial Above Ground Opening/Closing
Full Above Ground Opening/Closing
Partial Inground Opening/Closing
Full Safety Cover Opening/Closing
Full Water Bag Inground Opening/Closing
Pool Opening Information Flyer
A full pool opening indicates LCP will remove the cover. The cover must be free of excess water and debris or subject to additional charges. A partial pool opening indicates the customer will remove the cover prior to LCP's service or there is no cover.
Select the Sunday that begins the week you would like to receive service. We'll contact you to determine the exact date.
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