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Semi Buried Pools

Semi-Inground Grecian

Warranty: Lifetime

Halfway In and All Decked Out

When Only An Incredible Pool Will Do!

The Radiant Semi-Inground Grecian Pool, gives you options on installation and finishing! You can add a full deck to this amazing pool using 5/4 wood receptor coping. With this option, you get a clean finished edge, creating a smooth transition from deck to pool. Add a walk-in step, and you enjoy the look and feel of an inground pool for a fraction of the price. Whatever your vision, Radiant Keystone Series Pools offer you the size, shape and install options to create your backyard retreat!


  • Your Backyard Centerpiece
  • Halfway In and All Decked Out
  • You'll Fit Right In
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Sizes & Shapes


15' x 29'
17' x 33'
17' x 37'
17' x 41'


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